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Welcome to NA.9 

Adult Braider 

Where your hair is my concern, Hair from you soon 💜

Mid back loc maintenance 


This service comes with complimentary wash & style. 


Tribal cornrows 


For this style; hair is provided. Usually it is 2 layers of cornrows but you can do knotless or box braids in the back with your choice of design.

Small Box Braids


Hair will be provided. Starting price is for mid back. 

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10+ straight back cornrows 


This style can take 5+ hours hair is provided. Starting price is for mid back. 

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Medium Box braids 


This hair style takes 5 hours & hair is provided. 

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Medium knotless Braids


this style takes 3.5 hours and hair is provided. Starting price is for mid back.  

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Small knotless 


this style takes 4.5 hours and hair is provided. Starting price is for mid back.  

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Two Cornrows 


this style takes 1.5 hours and hair is provided Starting price is for mid back. 

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This takes Approximately 25 minutes 

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Butterfly braids 


This style takes 4.hours, braiding hair is provided but the client is responsible in bringing two packs of wet & wavy hair 10” -18”. Starting price is for mid back. 

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Butterfly cornrows 


this style takes 2 hours. Hair will be provided. Any length 

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Male cornrows 


This style takes 2 hours.

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Sleek ponytail 


hair is not included, this style takes 2 hours 

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Butterfly locs


This style take 5 hours hair is not included. 

Stater locs


No permed or straight hair. You can choose the size and parts. Please understand two things if you have thin hair this style will not make your hair any thicker ( Grab my hair growth oil for amazing results) Also it takes 6-8 weeks at MINIMUM TO LOC. During this process you are not to get your hair wet AT ALL. Yes you can get your hair retwisted in between that time. ☺️

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Small lemonade braids 


This style take 4.5 hours and hair is provided.Starting price is for mid back. 

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Frontal installation 


This service will take 3.5 hours wig/ frontal would need to be provided by drop off 1 week prior to your appointment if not please add atleast 1.5 hours to your appointment time. If you need a pick up please advise ( it will be a fee upon your location….. pick up is only offered to the DMV. If you are out of state you can mail to our physical address listed.

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This style will take 3.5 hours. Hair is not provided 4-6 packs of hair depending on the style. 

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Half up half down 


This style takes 6 hours. & hair is provided. 

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Shoulder length loc maintenance 


you will receive shampoo , conditioning and a complementary style. 

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Passion twist 


The client is responsible for providing the hair.starting price is for mid back.

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Jumbo twist on top of dreads to book  call or txt 240.419.0202, dm , message or email nabyravinsamon

Braided ponytail.


Braiding hair will be provided no designs. Starting price is for shoulder length and medium parts. 

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Opening Hours

Where your hair is my concern, Hair from you soon 💜

Mon - Fri: 6pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sun: Loyal clients only.

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Get to Know Me

For over two decades, I have been a passionate braider and educator on the journey of hair growth. My expertise has helped me become a leader in the natural hair community. As an accomplished hair braider, I have built a strong reputation in my craft, which is why so many people look to me for advice and assistance in achieving their hair goals. Through the use of my signature line of hair growth oil, I guide others to achieve the healthy and beautiful hair they desire. My clients walk away feeling confident, empowered and knowledgeable about the best ways to nourish their hair. I am committed to helping others discover their best hair journey and understand the importance of loving their hair and embracing their beauty.

What I Have to Offer

loc detox


This service can take 1-3 hours 


I am hair care treatment 


shampoo, The Iam conditioner (deep conditioned ) blow dry oiled with your own blend of oils up to 3 choices you keep the bottle. flat ironed & wrapped or put into two cornrows.

regular shampoo condition & blow dry 


This service takes 35 mins 




This process can very in time. Starting price is for 10”

My Hair Care Products

Your One-Stop Shop


N.A9 hair growth oil

$11.00 4oz $23 8oz

Our oil is a natural and proven solution for those looking to thicken and grow their hair. Made with a rich blend of essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that are known to combat thinning hair, our oil begins to work immediately to target the affected areas of the scalp and provides visible results in as few as 4 weeks. With regular use, you’ll begin to see new growth while existing hair will become thicker and healthier. Our oil is safe and gentle on hair and scalp and can be applied without fear or worry of damaging or irritating your delicate scalp. If you don’t see results after 4 weeks of use, we recommend seeking the advice of a dermatologist.

N.A9 IAM Conditioner 


The Hair Growth Conditioner is an all-natural and organic solution to bring your hair back to its natural curl pattern. Our formula is designed to hydrate and moisturize your hair, as well as eliminate split ends, tangles, and matting. This product is perfect for those with dry hair and kids, as it's all natural and won't irritate their skin. In addition to bringing your curl pattern back, it will also reduce breakage and help improve overall hair health and manageability. Just apply it after shampooing and you'll see results in no time!


Silk Durag


Mostly use by males for waves or keeping you ponytail sleek. I also use it for cornrows & kids. 

Big Ruffle Bonnet


most used for our errands( everyday go to )  & cute bushes lose hair styles. 


Edge bonnet bae 


More modern way to keep your edges laid them braids together & not tight. 

Want to try out one of my signature products? Come in today to see the whole collection of hair products and take some home to look like a star any day of the week.

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Welcome to N.A9 By Ravin Samone 

Your #1 Hair Braider in THE D.M.V AREA

This small business specializes in educating clients about the importance of using non-chemical products on their hair to help promote stronger, healthily growing hair. My focus is on helping clients to achieve the best in protective styles and braids. I want the client to feel like they are part of my family. My products will only contain natural ingredients that are free from toxic chemicals that can damage the hair. Offering my clients advice and tips as to how to care for their hair between visits. My service is a place of positivity, respect, and comfort. My goal is to help clients look and feel their very best!


Pro Services With Long Lasting Results

What I Have to Offer


You won’t regret your care & service. Where your hair is my concern. Hair from you soon 💜

My membership program does not require a monthly fee. After your 5th visit as long as your email is updated & on file you are eligible for N.A9’S rewards & perks. 
Rewards & perk can not be transferred to anyone else & typically last up to a year. Most often rewards can not be combined with coupons BUT DON’T BE SHOCKED IF ONE YOU CAN ! ☺️


Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Fri: 6pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 4:00pm
Sun: Members only

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Contact Me

16701 Melford BLVD suite 400


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